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O Trancallo Hotel rural Viana do Bolo

A traditional house

The house in which we do our project is centuries old. In the stone above the entrance door of the patio is engraved the date 1796 (XVIIth century). We wished its restoration by respecting the style of the traditional houses of Galicia, keeping the charm of the old and bringing the comfort of our modern life. In the old house which was originally a farm, the ground floor is composed of two stables, a soue, a room for the sheep and a bodega (used both as cellar and storeroom). We will make it, respectively, a private dining room, a reception, a spa, a hallway and a cloakroom for the Spa. The bodega will be moved to the back of the house.
O Trancallo Hotel rural Viana do Bolo

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In the hayloft (hay warehouse) and the wine cellar, we will do the kitchen and dining room of the host table. In the old house, upstairs, we transform the space into three bedrooms keeping the exposed stone walls. We keep the ancient kitchen with its stone sink, its fireplace on the ground. After centuries of good and loyal service, she needs a good clean. It will be reserved to keep a link to the past, a link that we all need. Nevertheless, upstairs, we built a new part to put 4 bedrooms. We have chosen to cover the entire new part of the ground floor with stone. 

O Trancallo

Rúa Principal, 96, Mourisca, Province of Ourense, 32556, Spain